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Calculate you risk.
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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Learn how your routine, everyday actions place you at risk for identity theft.  Please take a moment to answer the questions below. 

For each question, please select the answer that most closely represents your individual situation. When finished, click "CALCULATE" for your score and corresponding information related to your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.
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1. Do you or anyone in your home, receive pre-approved credit offers in the mail?
2. Do you use your debit card to pay bills or shop online?
3. When traveling, do you use your debit or credit cards?
4. Has your wallet or purse ever been lost or stolen?
5. Do you carry your Social Security card with you?
6. Do you use a crosscut shredder for your bank statements, credit card bills and expired credit cards?
7. Do you carry a copy of your birth certificate with you?
8. When disposing of old computers, do you erase and destroy the hard drive first?
9. Do you review you credit report on a routine basis?
10. Do you travel frequently for business or pleasure?
11. How often do you or your family download programs, music, photographs or videos from the internet?
12. Have you recently move or change addresses?
13. Have you enrolled for services or financing on the internet?
14. If you bank online, do you change your password at least once a month?
15. Do you or your family post personal information or pictures on social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook?
16. Do you verify that all monthly financial statements are accurate?
17. Is your Social Security number or driver's license number printed on your personal checks?
18. Do you have a P.O. Box or locked, secured mailbox?
19. At work or school, is your Social Security number printed on your identification badge or otherwise posted in full view of others?
20. Do you carry a Military ID, that displays your Social Security number, with you at all times?
21. Do you use a firewall on your personal computer or home internet access?
22. Do you use an unlocked, open mail box to drop off outgoing mail?
23. Do you have your mail held at the post office when you are away from home?

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