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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection

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 Learn more about the On Point Preferred program.   Because you purchased Mayflower's value-added package of services, you are entitled to enroll in the SOLUS Identity Theft Protection for a one-year period of time at no additional cost to you.  By enrolling in this program, you are entering into an agreement with, and agree to the terms & conditions offered by Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC.

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Your good name, your credit history, your health, your job - all define who you are as a person – they define your identity.  SOLUS believes that your most valuable asset is your identity – without it, your life simply comes to a screeching halt.  Our Platinum Identity Theft Protection delivers comprehensive protection focused on prevention, detection, and restoration - ideal for today’s individual and family.  SOLUS believes that by providing you state-of-the-art Identity Protection, we provide you Life Protection.

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The fastest growing crime in America today!  Here is what you need to know:
  • Identity theft is much more than a stolen credit card.  Phishing scams and email fraud  are two types you probably face everyday.  Knowledge is the first step.
  • Protecting your identity protects your life and lifestyle. Identity theft protection is what SOLUS does: 24/7 - 365.
  • SOLUS' step-by-step protection delivers critical protection features; including timely information, credit monitoring and credit report access, complete identity restoration and ongoing emotional and legal support.

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In today’s world - identity theft can happen in your own home, on the job, across town, in a different state or on a different continent - anytime, anywhere.  Your personal identity is at risk 24/7 – 365 days a year.  
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